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PonoA neighborhood
skincare and waxing boutique

Our boutique serves as a community space for all to gather and receive beautifying treatments. We like to consider ourselves "the ladies barbershop". We aren't just a boutique, we're a place to chat, connect and vibe out. Although, instead of tending to the hair on your head, we're tending to hair elsewhere, and to the largest organ of the body - the skin.


Our Founder
Pono's creator, Debra Carvalho, is a 3rd generation SF native who comes from a long line of Assyrian women entrepreneurs. She is a mother of two children. Both her father and husband are from Hawaii, hence the name "Pono". 

a dream manifest
Debra's love affair with 2860 Diamond Street began over 20 years ago when she was an ambitious young woman working her first gig as an esthetician. She used to walk by the space on her way to work, and envision that someday, it would be home to her very own boutique. Deb once placed her hand the window and whispered "one day, you'll be mine."  Two decades later and here we are.


Live Pono
The Hawaiian word “pono” is simple to define yet expansive in all that it encompasses. In the most basic of meanings pono can be described as “right-ness.” It is the innate wisdom & knowledge of what is correct, and honoring that wisdom with respect for all things.  It is the care and stewardship of the living Earth, the ‘aina. It is the duty that we carry to preserve the wild places for our children and the generations that will follow.  It is being of service without being asked, operating without seeking recognition or praise, and most importantly, it is the nurturing and perpetuation of the highest ideal.  

Join us on our journey,
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